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Kanika is wearing our Brocade Pleated Skater Dress


We collaborated with the beautiful and kind-hearted Kanika, the woman behind one of our favourite jewelry brands, the KooKooShop.


Kanika is a jewellery designer who is based out of Bombay. She works from home and has a set up of nearly four artisans who bring her vision to life. Kanika has also developed a passion for quirky sarees, and eventually, her passion turned into work and she started her brand that now works with fabric and embroidery.


Here, we get to know a little bit more about Kanika and her beautiful brand, KooKooShop.


How would you describe yourself in five words?

Optimist, Hopeful, Eclectic, Happy, and Quirky.


Kanika being her joyful self in our Brocade Pleated Skater Dress.


What does the KooKooShop mean to you?


KooKooShop is a means of expression of my identity and uniqueness. The idea was to not conform to what people want or think but to live and express emotions true to myself. My first collection was called ‘not so basic’ because I wanted to share a message to all my sisters to embrace their uniqueness and live true to themselves without fearing what the world would think. We all are unique, we are all different flowers like cherry, rose, sunflowers, etc. and since a cherry can’t be a rose and vice versa, we women must bloom with our individuality without fear or hesitation.


Kanika wearing a self-designed AFREEN neckpiece from the KooKooShop that she styled with our Black and White Check Ruffle Wrap Skirt.



What is the scariest part of having your own brand?


The scariest part of having my own brand is letting myself down. My brand is an extension of myself. I give it my heart and soul and 200% daily. And I’m fearful that if something goes wrong with the business it would mean I’m the one whose lost.


Debasri Deb sporting the gorgeous BANI THANI neckpiece and earring set from KooKooShop.


Amongst everything that you create, which product(s) of yours is/are your absolute favorites, and why?


You know the cliche answer that I can’t choose between my babies. But tbh I have two favorites! My French fries sarees, the one on net with black embroidery; I have draped it for a gazillion evening out and it’s a perfect blend of elegant, quirky, and flirty; and the bani Thani earrings and necklace that is a tribute to my love for Mughal miniature painting which I’ve been obsessed with since I was a preteen. In fact, I have a tattoo of the very same design!


Kanika and Debasri both flaunting the BANI THANI earrings and necklace.
We see Kanika in our Brocade Pleated Skater Dress, while Debasri is decked up in our Brocade and Cotton Button-down Dress.


How important is sisterhood to you?


Sisterhood for me is making heart-to-heart bonds. It is of utmost importance to really forge bonds of friendship and be full of compassion towards all my sisters. Because we are much stronger together. Empowering one another and having each other’s backs is what sisterhood is for me! It is the belief that we support one another and not pull each other down.


We see Kanika in our Black and White Check Ruffle Wrap Skirt and the beautiful AFREEN neckpiece and earrings from the KooKooShop.
Debasri here flaunts the Ikat Ruffle Wrap Skirt from UNTOUCHED and the extremely gorgeous HORN OK PLEASE neckpiece and earring set from the KooKooShop.


How was your childhood? If given an option to go back and change one thing, what would it be?


I had an eventful and tough childhood. I suffered from clinical depression since I was a teenager and grew up with low self-esteem and major body image issues. However all these things have really made me a stronger and more compassionate person today and if I could go back and change one thing, it would be nothing, because it’s because of mini Kanika that Kanika today is the hopeful and courageous person she is, who has turned the winter of her life into a spring of joy. I’m grateful for all the good and bad experiences as they have shaped me into who I am today.



How important is self-love to you, and why?


Self-love to me is accepting myself with all my curves and all my edges, with my perfections and imperfections. Self-love is to believe that I have unlimited potential and not being harsh on myself on a day when I’m not at my 100%. Rather redetermine to myself that day that I will strive a little more the next day. Self-love to me is to look at the silver linings and have gratitude on bad days and live each day with the motto to be a better person than yesterday.


Debasri sports the HORN OK PLEASE neckpiece and earrings set.



Five things that you love about yourself?

Optimism, my smile, the courage I’ve developed, my persistence, and my heart full of faith.



How would you describe your style? What inspired it?


My style is a reflection of my mood each day. No person inspired it, but what really inspires it is my state of life. One day I dress up bubbly and one day quirky. One day I’m soft and elegant and the next day I’m loud and make a statement. I literally wear my heart in my clothes.


Kanika wears the Brocade Pleated Skater Dress from Untouched, and accessorised it with the Bani Thani set from KooKooShop.



How do you feel wearing UNTOUCHED designs?


Wearing Untouched was a warm embrace. The silhouettes really made me feel comfortable and sassy and whole, not worrying about my body shape.


Kanika wears the Brocade Pleated Skater Dress from Untouched and Debasri wears the Brocade and Cotton Button-down Dress from Untouched.



How would you describe UNTOUCHED in five words?

Empowering, Sassy, Elegant, Inclusive and Artistic


Outfits: Untouched
Jewellery: KooKooShop
Photography: Raj Ch




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