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Why did I quit my secure job-life for a startup one

I did my B.Tech in Computer Science. People customarily look at me with a shocked flabbergasted look when I tell them this. It is both flattering and insulting at the same time. But yes, I am an engineer. I was brilliant in computers in school, and I would have been a very good engineer if I had even the slightest bit of interest in being one. I didn’t. Why did I get into B.Tech then you ask? Because I was clueless as to what I wanted and the choice eventually came down to engineering and medical. For a person who gags seeing her own blood, medical was soon struck off the list of two.

I got into Syntel during B.Tech but my mind was already set on MBA by then. I got a pretty good percentile and got selected by a reputed institute. After 1st year, I elected Marketing as my major. By then, I knew marketing was my calling. I got into Forbes in the Shipping and Logistics department as a sales trainee. Within two months I realised sales was not my cup of tea, but when you get into sales, switching into marketing is next to impossible. Or so I knew. I painfully carried on for a year.
I got a sad excuse for a boss, I had no respect for him, let alone having to call him ‘sir’ and being answerable to him.
That’s what started getting on my nerves. Being answerable to someone else.

After Forbes, I got through Zomato, again in Sales. By then I had gotten a pretty good hang of what this profile demanded. Zomato was much better; relaxed work environment, relaxed hierarchy discrepancy, and good employees. What else do you need right? I was very happy for quite a few months, but soon the ‘,being answerable to someone else’ quotient started catching up to me. I have worked under a brilliant boss in Zomato, his name was Saswat. Saswat, if you are reading this, you made Zomato bearable in the end. But I woke up unhappy everyday. And I didn’t want to lead my life like this. One day I decided to quit and I have never looked back since. Literally. Not when I was down, not when I was broke, not when everything seemed wrong, not when I was lost; and that was my best decision ever.

I respect people who are in service. So much. My father has been working in the same company for the last 30 years, but it wasn’t for me. I know I was supposed to create a beautiful thing of my own from scratch and that’s what I am working towards.

With zero regrets.

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