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What Does A Feminist Look Like?

With the year coming to an end, more than often I think about the beginning of the year and the phrase, “new year, new me” but is it something that I follow, especially when I am about to go shopping?

I don’t think so. This year should be about meaningful growth and not complete reinvention. Designers across the world are striving to make fashion play an impactful part in bringing meaningful social change. It gives me hope to see that designers are taking a stand on important issues like sexual harassment & environmental degradation through their art, making fashion a catalyst for change.

The interrelation between fashion and feminism is perhaps another major example, especially since both revolve around identity. With our sense of style, we have the power to change other’s perceptions of us, and in the fight for equity (if not equality), isn’t that essentially the goal?

So, what are the trends that have been inspired by feminism over the years? Let’s find out!

Mini Skirts

Fashion historian, Deirdre Clemente once said, “trends aren’t reflective of change, but rather constructive of change”. The 1960s witnessed many women embracing mini skirts to flaunt their feminity – the mini skirt exemplified the ideological stances that an increasing number of women were embracing, becoming a statement for generations to come.

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You could add a bit of new flavor to this classic must-have. Experiment with uncommon fabrics like brocade, and art, like embroidery – combine the two and you will have a skirt you can pair up easily with a solid colored tee and heels on your way to smash the patriarchy.

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When women started stepping into corporate spaces in the 1980s, blazers became the style statement of the decade proving that women are as powerful as men in the office space.

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Layering is fun and fashionable and so is, playing with new fabrics and styles. The workplaces might have evolved and semi-formal is more than a trend but the sexism is still ample – Pair those skinny black jeans and boots with a quirky brocade jacket and you are all set to battle sexism at work.

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Body Positivity

It took us a long time to reach here but nonetheless, we are here. Fashion should never make you change yourself to fit in with the rest of society. The last decade has taught me that I don’t need to conform with the normative conventions associated with the body in the world of style as well as daily life.

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Beauty and style have nothing to do with your size or color or anything else for that matter. We believe that “you are beautiful, no matter what shape or size or color you are.”

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The Freedom Project

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” – Toni Morrison

The struggle for liberation & equality has been hard and long with multiple wins and losses over time. Freedom is expensive and so is the battle for equality.

Our clothes form a big part of who we are and instead of dressing according to the norms of society, invest in that cute little crop top or that LBD at the very back of your wardrobe. Go ahead and claim that freedom you so desperately desire for every little thing that society expects you to be fine with.

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You are bold. You are brave. You are one of a kind.

Our collection Be Barkha is for every woman who chooses to be free, fun, and fabulous.



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