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Ways To Wear Brocade Crop Tops With Sarees

Indian festivals tend to be a bit harsh on the pocket, don’t they?


Lots of functions, lots of occasions, lots of outfits…leading to lots of unnecessary expenses.
Now, while Mother’s sarees are always special to us women and available to us, blouses tend to be an issue all the time.


Investing in a new blouse with every saree that you buy is not economical, also it tends to get boring, doesn’t it?
So how do you deal with this dilemma?
You opt for crop tops and make them your best friends.


Crop tops are as versatile as they come. They can be worn with denim, skirts, long skirts, and sarees.


Our Brocade Self-tie Crop Tops are one of the most versatile of the lot.
Here is how you can style this crop top in different ways.
For this blog post, we have come up with different ways our Brocade Crop Tops can be worn with sarees:


  1. Opt for a minimal saree and let the crop top stand out


2. Go for a beautiful contrast


3. Layer with a jacket


4. Linen and Brocade are a perfect blend


Our Brocade Crop Tops can be styled in many ways, apart from with sarees.


We have three different versions of our Brocade Self-tie Crop Top.
You can get them here.




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