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The Balancing Act

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”


Mother. A word that holds all the love and strength a human being can conjure up. Mothers have a strength that defies all natural laws.

They are the epitome of sacrifices. A mother’s love is the purest form of love on this planet; it’s unconditional and absolute.

Being a mother is one of the most difficult and the most rewarding thing a woman does in her lifetime. There are so many women out there balancing motherhood and their career on a daily basis.

To all the newly married couples, to all the couples who are planning to have a baby, to all the new mothers out there, to all the men, every single daughter and all the boys reading this, get to know firsthand from these bossbabe mothers how they juggle between their career and being a mother, and appreciate everything our mothers have done for us.


  1. Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury ( @nomadicwardrobe )

“This is Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury, living in the City of Joy Kolkata, donning many hats like a daughter, a wife, a mother and also a full time Corporate. Apart from being heavily occupied doing the task which
all of these relationships demand, I am also a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.

How do I balance Motherhood with building myself a career?
Well, there is no shortcut to anything in life. Motherhood is actually what you won’t do as per bookish knowledge because every mother’s journey is different. Managing a career and motherhood is daunting
at times because both are demanding jobs.
Traditionally in India, we have been groomed to think that women can handle only one job and that is to perform the role of a home-maker whereas men would go out for work. As times are changing, the roles have been diversified. Parenting is equal, and as a result, it becomes easier to share the load.

My advice to new mothers, who are managing between having a baby and a career, here are some of my pointers based on my experience-

– It takes a village to raise a child, hence it is better to outsource the task.
Take help from family members, hire people for tasks, just reach out and have a backup. I have a set of army team who are the
pillars of my life and a major impact in bringing up my child.

-Stop comparing yourself to anyone, you are not a God and I shudder at the thought that a Mother is considered as a God. A Mother is just a human, do not exaggerate your feelings with old age teachings.

-Learn to say No! Set a manageable expectation at work, be clear to your boss, manager or HR about leave policies, unexpected emergencies, and flexible schedule.

-Social gatherings are important but not at the sake of your child. Involve your time around with a network of strong and positive people who can
provide you with advice, support, and encouragement.

-Stay focused for every task, maintain a To- Do List, chalk out your calendar. Limit your time on social media. Do constructive things.
Lastly take out time for yourself, create your own world, we tend to forget about ourselves while performing important tasks. Indulge yourself in things that make you happy. Don’t forget to live your own life. Go for
solo trips, drinks with friends, shopping, etc. Pick up your hobby back. Take out your “Me- Time” in doing things which detoxifies you, keeps you sane. You don’t have to necessarily involve your husband or your child in everything that you do.
Only a happy mother can raise a happy child. ”

Here is Sharmistha with her beautiful little boy:


2. Kamana Gautam ( @mycocktail_life )

“I have done my post graduation in Nutrition, and am a certified lactation consultant. I have been working towards normalising breastfeeding in public, and also empowering women by breaking the stereotypes.

Apart from breastfeeding consultation, my major interest is in sustainable menstruation hygiene. My goal is to make the society an open space for healthy conversations around menstruation taboos.

There is no definition of a perfect mother. The definition is perceived by everyone differently. Society expects women to be amazing mothers, let’s not get into this trap. I have my own ups and downs. There are days when I feel I can conquer the world when I am really focused, and then there are days when I cry. I have finally realized the importance of crying and venting. It actually helps me calm down, takes all the anger and negative vibes from me. I am also fortunate to have a hands-on husband who understands the responsibilities that come with being a parent.

Time management is the best tool for creating balance. Do what best you can do for your child without losing your sanity. You are, and you will be, the best mother for your child.”

Here is Kamana with her adorable kids:


3. Pooja Raina ( @truefashionholic )
“I left my job at the peak of my career after we had our second child after a gap of almost 7 years. Since my first child, my adorable daughter, was literally raised by my inlaws I did not want to miss the growing up moments of my new born son. After deliberating on all the aspects I decided to quit my job and raise my kids.
After a few months of a sabbatical from work, one of my dear friends suggested starting a blogging site looking at my great sense of fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. The idea immediately struck a chord with me and that is where the idea of makeup and fashion came in. Rest is history.
I created my Instagram profile and my blog and then never looked back. Presently I have 127k followers on Instagram.  Last year I was voted among top 50 lifestyle bloggers by one of the reputed firms.
To be honest all this wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support and encouragement from my husband.
Bringing up children and growing your career are equally important tasks and you are responsible for how the future shapes up for each. While they both bring umpteen joys, they can also be the cause of frustration when you come down hard on yourself for not living up to your expectations. You need to just keep going and remind yourself of the larger objectives.
So keep going and work towards achieving your dreams and make your own identity.”


Here is Pooja with her lovely kids:


4. Anu Mishra ( @lipstik_in_the_city )

“In today’s times your  success is linked to “what you do’’. I am often greeted with “what do you do’’ Well!!! I live, I thrive, I imbibe, I observe and most importantly I listen. I was fortunate enough to be born to parents who were progressive, enlightened and had the ability to foresee the future. They were ahead of their times and brought us three sisters up as human beings rather than girls.

I have a masters degree in Biotechnology, but unfortunately due to financial constraints could not pursue it further and had to take up menial jobs to support my family. As luck would have it these prepared me for the hardships I had to face later in life. Slowly and surely I found my footing, I continued studying in spite of children, family responsibilities and a new business to look after. After 20 years of working tirelessly today, I do take time out for myself and applaud all those who helped me in my journey.

In my opinion, Motherhood and your professional journey should not be seen as juggling or balancing, its insulting to both the important milestones in your life. Both should be an amalgamation of each other, its how you blend the two should be worked upon. Very early in life recognize your support systems, have them in place if you are planning a family.

Somewhere in my journey I did compromise on both the fronts but trust me, in the long run, it turned out fine.

Here’s wishing a very Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there.”


Here is Anu with her children:


These stories clearly confirm the fact that mothers are superheroes with invisible capes. They are so great. They outlast everything.
Their love is unconditional, and their strength is immeasurable.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mom-to-be(s) out there.



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