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Little known facts about Ikat



“Fabrics have the power to make or break a design.”


And hence, we are very particular in choosing what fabric we work with. We quite literally roam about till we find something that calls out to us, and hence we develop an innate relationship with the fabrics.

We started off with Brocade, our most favourite fabrics of all time. Brocade is exquisite, traditional, colourful, and so so gorgeous!!


Read: Brocade, its origin, and some facts. 


Today, we are here to talk about another delightful fabric that we had the pleasure to work with for our ODE TO FREYA collection, and that’s IKAT.


All about IKAT


What comes to your mind when you think of Ikat?
For us its diamond-shaped prints and beautiful colour combinations.

But did you know Ikat is a tie-dye textile art?
The prints are not really prints, they are a pattern that develops during the weaving process.


Some lesser-known facts about Ikat

  • Ikat can also be called Ikkat or Ikhat
  • The word Ikat has originated from the Malay-Indonesian word MENGIKAT, which means to tie a bundle of yarn or thread.
  • Ikat patterns, in India, dates back to the 7th century.
  • It is believed by the textile experts that Ikat developed in parts of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar.
  • Ikat is also termed as ‘Poetry Of The Loom’ since the process is so tedious and painstaking.
  • The key identification factor of Ikat is its intentional bleeding and blurry lines.
  • Ikat used to be a symbol of luxury and prestige.
  • In India, Ikat is prevalent in three states: Orissa, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh


See: Ikat Ruffle Wrap Skirt


Types of Ikat

There are three different kinds of Ikat:

  1. Warp Ikat

    This type of Ikat is known to be the simplest amongst all. The vertically aligned threads fixed to the loom is known to be the warp yarn. If the warp yarn is dyed and the weft yarn (the horizontally woven threads) is retained as a solid colour, then that Ikat is called a Wrap Ikat. This kind of Ikat has vertical symmetry.


Our Ikat Ruffle Wrap Skirt, Drop waist Ikat Dress, and Ikat Front Open Kaftan is crafted from Warp Ikat.



2. Weft Ikat

Weft yarn is the one that is handwoven through the arp threads. This is the horizontally woven thread in the fabric. Weft ikat fabric is the opposite of warp ikat fabric.



3. Double Ikat

This is the most beautiful and most expensive form of Ikat. Here, both the warp and weft yarns are dyed and the required pattern is obtained. The pattern slowly starts developing as both the yarns are woven carefully with each other.


Ikat fabric is decorative and cheerful.
Have a look at our beautiful Ikat pieces here.








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