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Know Your Body Type

How often have the statement, ‘I don’t know how this product will look on me’, been a reason for not buying that skirt or that dress you liked so much?

What we are aiming for is reducing the gap between ‘what you see’ and ‘what you get’.

We here at Untouched believe that there is no one ideal and/or standard body shape. Every woman has a diverse figure type and they should be content and confident in their own body. In this space, we will help you find out the body shape you bear a resemblance to, the most.

We have four women with diverse figure types donning our products. Scroll down below to learn the body type that seems a lot like yours and see how a product looks on the woman with your body type. This will make it easier for you to visualise yourself in our products.

There are many different body shapes but for easiness, we have focused on four: Pear(Triangle), Rectangle, Apple (Inverted Triangle), Full figured.

Pear (Triangle)
  • Well defined waist
  • Bust and shoulder is narrower than hip line
  • Thighs and butt maybe full and rounded
  • Bust and shoulders are about the same width as your hip line
  • Slightly defined waist line
Apple (Inverted Triangle)
  • Your shoulders and bust are proportionately wider than your hips
  • You may have slim legs
  • You might have a sporty athletic figure
  • Average bust size
Full figured
Full figured
  • Heavy bust
  • No defined waist line
  • Thighs might or might not be rounded

We at Untouched don’t believe in dressing according to your body shape, we believe in wearing whatever you fancy with immense confidence.

Perfect fit is so important to look and feel good, isn’t it?

Hence, we have an option for customising our products according to your fit. You just need to provide us your measurements and we give you a product that will make you look and feel exactly the way you deserve to.

Enough said. Go ahead and shop to your heart’s content.



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