Be Untouched

Does Entrepreneurship come at a price?

Does entrepreneurship come at a price?

Well yes.
It does.
Nobody said building a company from scratch would be easy.

Is it worth it?
Well, that’s for us to figure out.


Hear it directly from our owner, Debasri Deb.


For me, yes.
Untouched is worth every ounce of anxiety I have been through.
It has been worth the sleepless nights I have spent, both working and crying.
It is worth the number of days I had to cancel plans due to a lack of money.
It is worth having daily fights with my father who has successfully worked in a nationally renowned company for more than 35 years and provided me with a very comfortable life.
It is worth all the insecurities, and self-doubts.

But is entrepreneurship EASY?

No to the power ‘n’.


You know how quitting your well-paying job is the most difficult part?
For me, it was the easiest; and the best decision I have taken in my life.

I had gone into a depression when I was working in Forbes and Zomato. For years I did not have a decent conversation with my parents. I would wake up hating my life every Monday morning, and you know what made it worse?
The fact that I knew I was supposed to work for myself but never did I realise my potential, or have anyone tell me to go for it.


While working in Zomato, I started working with a young girl who was trying to launch her own online lingerie brand. I was so impressed by her, I immediately called her up, told her I am interested in helping her and got to work with her. One day, we had the conversation of me quitting my job to start working full time with her, to which she agreed. We talked about money and I told my boss I am resigning.

The next day I arrived at the girl’s office just to hear her tell me she is stopping operations and going back to working with her father since she wasn’t able to deal with the stress.

The whole world around me was shattering in slow motion.


Here I was, heavily underpaid by a young woman for helping her with all her needs, and suddenly, jobless.

I came home and told my mother I am comfortable with my decision of quitting my job. Back then, Untouched wasn’t even in the scene. And then started the daily fights, and arguments, and tensions amidst me and my father. And I don’t blame him even the tiniest bit. He provided me with a very comfortable life and wanted me to do the same for myself.


And now, I have reached a place where my father proudly brags about me in front of his friends and even wants to be an investor in my business. I don’t know if I will let that happen, but this coming from someone who had been in the service industry all his life, not understanding the startup industry…..means the most to me.

The first two years of Untouched were the most difficult years. I would cry often, not go out, lock myself up in my room, second guess my abilities, self-pity a lot; but one thing I never did do, was think of giving up on my company.



Untouched was doing okay till the pandemic happened, and all our lives and businesses came to an eerie standstill. So many businesses are suffering at the moment, and it makes me think, would I have been better off if I was a salaried employee? All my friends are making money every month even in this crucial time, but somehow, I always come back to the answer NO.

I respect people who are in the service industry so much. But, it just is not for me. It’s not who I am, or want to be. And that’s absolutely okay.


Am I anxious on most days? Yes.
Would I prefer to go back to working for someone else? Not at all.



Since I am very much into gardening these days to help with my anxiety, I will take a gardening reference here to explain entrepreneurship.


Starting your own business is like planting a sapling. You have to nurture it with a lot of care, invest time and money, and wait for it to sprout its roots. You must take care of it without expecting anything in return, and once when it blooms, every effort seems worth it.



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