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Different ways of styling Brocade obi belts

We recently launched our Brocade reversible obi belts and we are loving the response.
These obi belts are a take on the traditional Japanese obi sash.
We have taken it up a notch by making the belts reversible, so they can be styled in a number of ways.



There are different kinds of obi belts, they can be categorised by their width, material, colour, and use. An obi belt is a very noticeable accessory, and sometimes can be more expensive than the entire outfit.


The Brocade obi belts by us are very decently priced, considering we made it with two different fabrics to give you a choice of dressing it up or down.


Here are different ways we have styled these belts in the past. There are many ways you can wear these belts, but here are some of them.


  1. With jeans and an oversized tee

We normally wear denim and an oversized tee as a casual outfit.
But, pair a brocade obi belt with it, and you are immediately jazzed up.
Comfort is an added bonus.


Wearing the Fuchsia pink brocade and Tuscan sun yellow silk reversible belt here.


2. With a maxi dress


Obi belts look great with maxi dresses. Obi belts are worn to shape your silhouette. Wear a Brocade obi belt with a beautiful maxi dress.
Trust us, it looks magnificent!!


Wearing the Fuchsia pink brocade and Tuscan sun yellow silk reversible belt here.


3. With a bodycon dress

A simple bodycon dress is like a blank canvas, and a Brocade obi belt is the best way you can paint it.
See for yourself if you don’t believe us.


Get these belts here.


4. With a skirt


These Brocade obi belts would go very well with both a long and short skirt, but we prefer pairing it up with long skirts, and if you do want to opt for a short skirt, tube skirts would be your best bet.


Below, our owner, Debasri Deb has paired our Orange Brocade and Fuchsia pink cotton reversible obi belt with a long skirt and our Sage green shirt with brocade details.



5. With an anti-fit dress


If you have a simple anti-fit dress, just add one of the brocade obi belts to it and voila, you are ready to make heads turn.



There are different kinds of knots you can try out as well. You can tie the knot in the front as shown above, on the side, or in the back as well.


6. With a saree

Belts go so well with sarees. They cinch your waist and gives you a beautiful shape. Wear one of our Brocade Obi Belts with a contrasting saree, exactly how our stunning friend Shmruthi has done. Doesn’t she look so chic?

Shmruthi here is wearing our Fuchsia pink brocade and Tuscan sun yellow silk reversible belt here.


7. As a top

A little bit out there, but our Brocade Obi Belts can be worn as a top as well, and there are quite a few ways to do it.
Michelle shows us a few different ways she wore two of our Reversible Brocade Belts as tops.


If you are not comfortable with the skin showing, just wear it over plain tees and/or shirts, and it would just be a new way of styling/reusing old clothes.


You can also style these belts with palazzos, and kurtas as well. Options are endless.


Get our gorgeous Brocade Reversible Obi belts here.








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