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Brocade, its origin and some facts

Hi guys, if you are new here let me tell you a bit about this space.
This is a blog for our brand Untouched which works with a gorgeous and exquisite traditional Indian fabric called Brocade.

So here we are with an interesting blog post today. You all are well acquainted with our love for Brocade, but not many are aware of the origin and other interesting facts about this gorgeous fabric.



The origin of brocade

Brocade originated during the Middle Ages and it was known to be a very popular luxury fabric all over the world. Brocade’s weaving industry reached new heights during the reign of Akbar. Brocade in those days was only worn by the most affluent and prosperous people of the society.




Few interesting facts about Brocade


  1. Brocade does not mean embroidery. People often confuse brocade with embroidery. Brocade mainly refers to weaving.
  2. The word brocade comes from an Italian word ‘broccato’, which means ‘embossed cloth’.
  3. Brocade was an important fabric during the Rennaisance period, especially the Italian Rennaisance.
  4. Brocade has been talked about in the Vedic Literature and also the Pali literature.
  5. It is said that when Buddha attained Nirvana, he was wrapped in a Benrarasi fabric which emitted blue, red, and yellow rays. This reinforces the belief that Brocade was present since very early times.
  6. Some art historians believe that the patterns that are displayed in the Ajanta murals represent Brocade specimen.
  7. Colour plays a very important role in brocade weaving. Brocade’s charm depends upon the colour synchronisation of the weaves.



Now you know why we have such an intense love towards this beautiful and traditional one-of-a-kind fabric?


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