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About Brocade

At Untouched, we are inspired by awoven fabric called Brocade. This textile has a raised figured and/or floral design. This design is created while weaving this fabric. Though Brocade is a weaved fabric, it provides an illusion of being embroidered.

The name ‘Brocade’ has Italian origination from the word broccato, which means ‘embossed cloth’.

Going back to the Middle Ages, this fabric was one of the very few luxury fabrics that was worn by the nobility in countries like Korea, Japan, Greece, India and China.
Brocade has always been a very sought-after fabric because of its skin-friendliness and quality. It provides a rich feel to the garment or upholstery made out of this fabric.

Brocade requires extra care and maintenance. This fabric is mostly to be hand-washed or dry cleaned. If done otherwise, it may pull or crush the fabric.

Brocade weaving is an age-old craft in India that started declining a while back. But thanks to all the dyers, designers and handloom weavers, this fabric is again showing a very promising trend and we cannot be happier!



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