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7 TV Style Icons Of All Time

7 TV-style icons that have set their fashion game over the years!

Yes, television’s leading actors have teams of stylists dedicated to making them look awesome. But there is a certain something that sets the truly fashionable ones apart from the rest.


For instance, some characters’ style and wardrobe wholly defined their personalities – who would Carrie Bradshaw be without her tasteful Manolos or her gorgeous Dior outfits; while others epitomized the style of a different era like Lady Edith from Downtown Abbey.


Let’s find out about 7 such TV style icons, who made their mark in the world of high fashion and style!


Rachel Green from Friends


Portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Greens chic character went on to become one of the most defining style icons of the decade. Her trendy wardrobe comprised of boyfriend jeans, denim vests, cute mini skirts, LBDs, and who could ever forget her popular hairdos!


Rachel is the original ‘it’ girl whose style evolved as the show progressed, influencing a much younger generation to fall in love with her style, and even 17 years after the show ended, teenagers and young adults still appreciate Rachel’s chic and trendy wardrobe, calling the yellow strapless dress from Idol and the plaid skirt with knee-high socks their favorites.



Samantha Jones from Sex & the City


Kim Cattrall might not be joining the cast of SATC in the HBO reboot of the iconic show, and we will sure miss the charming Samantha and her sexy wardrobe on screen!

From fierce power suits, bold shoulder pads, to spectacular jewelry and an ultra-chic blonde bob, Samantha Jones has ‘power publicist’ written all over her!


Looking back now, Samantha’s style was years ahead of its time – she was all about the slip dress and the plunging neckline, low-slung jeans, and rhinestone everything. Millennials today agree that Samantha Jones was probably the unsung fashion hero in the show because she reminds you of the girl you always want to dress like but weren’t sure if you had the guts to actually do it!



Barney Stinson from How I met your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris’ carefully chosen outfits in the show are legen…wait for it…dary, full of character and well-designed, making Barney a trendsetting icon and a significant player in men’s fashion.


The show’s costume designer, Julie Bennett Block best describes Barney’s style – “He always wants to be dressed, to be on, to be slick – after all, there is always the opportunity to meet a woman and have a conquest.”

Almost always defined by his looks, Barney’s one of the few characters on TV who is always dressed to kill – dressed in a dapper suit, he can go from a business meeting to the hottest club!



Betty Draper from Madmen



Madmen might have been a brilliant show with dramatic plot lines and unforgettable characters, but 6 years after the show ended, we realized that Betty Draper, played by January Jones, was more than a 1960s housewife – she was a style icon!


Betty’s style evolves through the 7 seasons – when she replaced her flair- waisted shirt-dresses with slimmer silhouettes and boxy jackets, for instance. An epitome of early ’60s style, Betty Draper with her red lipstick, curled-under blonde hair and, Hermes scarf could pass for Grace Kelly’s identical twin, any day!



Betty Cooper from Riverdale 

Despite her iconic ponytail, Betty Cooper is not your typical girl next door – her style is like an empty canvas that she can paint with whichever facet of her personality she wanted.



A pair of jeans, a sweater in any pastel shade, and some practical sneakers complete Betty’s regular look on the show but when she is not busy catching any criminal in her ghastly town, she sure does mix it up with suspender skirts and printed dresses. Also, how can we ever forget dark Betty and her scintillating makeover – this girl definitely knows when to switch from comfy to chic!



Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl


Whenever someone talks about Gossip Girl in the context of fashion, Serena’s boho-chic style and Blair’s iconic headbands come up but have you ever thought about the real style icon in the show?



“The name’s Bass. Chuck Bass.”

Chuck Bass as portrayed by Ed Westwick flaunts an eccentric sense of style – so flamboyant and flashy yet seldom over the top. His choice of unconventional color combinations like green and purple, and his love for designer suits complete with dapper ties and pocket squares, make him look classy, even though his character is a little trashy. What say?



Aria Montogomery from Pretty Little Liars


Wondering where Aria gets her inspiration from? Well, I can’t really tell you because you know what our favourite pretty liars feel about this!

“cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”


When I think about Aria, I cannot help but admire her taste in fashion – her streaked pink hair and black lacy outfits are very punk and relevant in current fashion trends. Aria flaunts flannels, black skinny jeans, leather jackets, and boots, without becoming a cliche; but thanks to the talented costume designer of the show,  a romantic spin on every outfit to match her cute but sassy personality!


Comment below and tell us who your favourite TV style icons are.



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