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5 Local Body Positive Brands For Every Woman

“don’t look at yourself through their eyes.”

The world of high fashion could be seen taking minor steps towards creating a more equal and inclusive space, in the second half of the past decade. Popular fashion trends of the past glorified body shaming, retouching, fast fashion and all kinds of discrimination but as a new generation gets ready to take over the world, such controversial issues have become a thing of the past. 

Inspired by empowering ideas, young designers are catering more and more towards launching body positive brands and sustainable labels. In this new world where zero is no longer the right size and consumers are falling for clothing items that are sustainable and thrifted, we decided to list the most happening body positive brands doing magic around you!

We Wear Equal

Driven by a drive for both social and environmental consciousness, We Wear Equal is a women’s intimate wear brand that stands out from the rest with its commitment towards women empowerment. 

Made from 100% up-cycled cotton fabrics using zero waste production techniques, We Wear Equal’s line of intimate wear caters to all body types as well as different sizes. 

Lea Clothing

Catering to young Indian consumers, Lea Clothing is a one-of-a-kind brand that takes pride in making apparel items for women of all shapes, sizes and colors, encouraging more and more women to celebrate their bodies. 

With Latin roots, the word ‘lea’ translates to ‘lioness’ signifying how the brand caters to strong women – the ones who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and stands up for what is right in a world, still suppressed under the societal conventions and generic misogyny.

“love your body because you only have one.”

Be Untouched

Born with a desire to celebrate every woman’s unique individuality, Be Untouched works with ordinary women of different body types, flaunting size inclusivity and body positivity over fast fashion trends.

Be Untouched’s collection #BeYourNakedSelf that flatters every single body type.

The best part about shopping with Be Untouched is its belief in bridging the gap between what you see online and what you receive. You need to be a particular size to fit into a garment. Instead Be untouched will customize it for you, adhering to your measurements.


MéRo Studio

With an active interest towards women empowerment and inclusivity, Méro Studio has been making waves online for sometime now. The brand has done extremely well in keeping up with this year’s latest trend of wearing solid pastel shades.

Tailor & Circus 

With comfort as the primary focus, Tailor & Circus excels in intimate wear made from sustainable fabrics boasting underwear that is soft and perfect for all body types.

Tailor & Circus recognizes fashion as a gender neutral, body inclusive medium of expression, creating designs that are visually aesthetic without confining to gender stereotypes.

As more and more consumers begin making conscious lifestyle choices, brands across the world are slowly but surely making the ethical switch towards promoting style that is inclusive and fashion that is positive.



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